Where the Bad Kids — and the Readers — Go: Dale E. Basye’s Heck

There are a few things you don’t expect to see in a young adult book. Somewhere near the top of the list would probably be Hell. But that’s what makes Heck so surprising.

via Where the Bad Kids — and the Readers — Go: Dale E. Basye’s Heck.

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11 responses to “Where the Bad Kids — and the Readers — Go: Dale E. Basye’s Heck

  1. That review was spectacular. Wow, how does it feel being called funnier than Roald Dahl? =D That’s awesome. I think this is the type of childrens’ book Dahl would have adored in its dark humor…despite the fact that many just know him for CharIie and the Chocolate Factory, I think he was quite a twisted person. Haha. I hope more people read your books! Also yes your brainstorming sessions/mental processes/whatever while writing these books would probably be hilarious. Do you have some epic ending planned that you’ve planned from the beginning?

    Also Snivel coming out soon, huh? wow, time flies. Will buy!


  2. What happened to Virgil in Blimpo and other question what if the books were true and you had no idea?

    • Hello there Austin AKA shadow monkey also-doing-business-as gir84! Virgil will appear again and all will be revealed! And, to not answer your other question too, I myself (being me) have also grappled with the idea of the books perhaps being true. That concept is tackled in further installments!

  3. What is your favorite circle of heck?

    • Usually the one I just finished. I like Precocia a lot since it’s sort of different than all the others. That comes out in February. Snivel turned out pretty much as I intended, which is rare. And Fibble has some parts I’m really proud of. So those three: for now!

  4. one final question Mr.Basye was Sara Milton’s love interest?

    • Oh no…not one final question! So much pressure. So sad. And, yes—I suppose in the quirky preadolescent world of Heck—Sara is something of a love interest for Milton. Though Sam would definitely complicate things.

  5. ok here is the last question will you try to make heck a video game

    • Hi Austin,
      An author only has so many rights once he or she gets something published, unless you are BIG like someone whom I won’t mention, but their name begins with a JK and ends with Rowling. So I signed a contract with Random House that gives me a fair percentage and all that, but I don’t have the “right” to the Heck name/concept anymore. So if Random House were to do a video game, that would be awesome, but I can’t really. And MGM has the stage/performance rights. I personally don’t think Heck would be made into a video game unless the movie gets made and it becomes BIG. Otherwise, it would probably have limited appeal and not be worth the investment of time, money and resources for Random House or MGM or whomever the heck has the rights as of this morning…

  6. Ok well thank you for taking your time to answer my questions. :P

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