Monthly Archives: December 2008

Happy Heckidays!

Just because I wrote a wicked book about eternal torment doesn’t mean I’m not brimming with holiday cheer. In fact, I even wrote a song about this time of year, called Blame It On Christmas. Even though the song is about 15 years old (if it were a person it could get its driver’s permit right about now), it is still strangely appropriate once a year. I give this song to you, all the good/bad people out there who read this blog or mis-Googled something else and find yourself here nonetheless, holidazed and confused.


Heck on the Radio

Radio—the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages—is a medium you don’t hear about much anymore, unless you have a metal plate in your head and can pick up KRAP, that new all rap station in Kalamazoo. In any case, Steve Lindsley of Portland’s KEX Radio called me to chat a bit about Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go. Listen to it: IF YOU DARE. dale-basye4