Monthly Archives: June 2011

Heck Groupon. SAVE!!

Buy a box of 12 (that’s almost a dozen) HARDCOVER HECK: WHERE THE BAD KIDS GO books for ONLY $48! Yes, you read that right! And that includes shipping! (Unless you live in some really faraway—to me—expensive-to-ship-to place). Fine, OK, I’ll even sign them. Geez.

Expires: Soonish

Limit: Only your imagination.

Must be 21 or older, or younger than 21, or EXACTLY 21.

Must have access to money and mailmen/women.

If interested, contact within mind-your-own-business hours.


* Fart Spray not included.

Radio Heck

I had the great pleasure of sitting across from Dmae Roberts—Peabody award-winning independent radio artist/producer—to fill up her weekly half-hour Stage & Studio show on Portland community radio station KBOO (it scares me to even type those call-letters). Dmae (pronounced Dee-May) asked a number of thoughtful questions and allowed me to read and—gasp—sing a few songs. Give it a listen!SNS61411-DaleEBayseAlso, be sure to check out the Stage and Studio website for more information!