Tunes from Heck!

Longtime Heckler Jordan Knapp is a young musician from Georgia without what you would call “formal” training yet has an undeniable talent for composition…a Danny Elfboy, perhaps. Here is his latest composition, or “decomposition” actually since it’s for Heck, called “Enter Bea ‘Elsa’ Bubb.” Be sure to check it out!


12 responses to “Tunes from Heck!

  1. Dear Jordan,
    This is fantastic.
    P.S. I’m reblogging this to my blog,

  2. Reblogged this on MIscellaneous Soup and commented:
    This is incredibly good.

  3. Wow this guy is really talented!

    …kidding, thanks for the free advertising and I’m glad you and Zarion (whose name sounds a bit like a constellation) enjoyed hearing it as much as I enjoyed making it. I really think writing a whole series of music pieces based on Heck would be fun.


  4. Anyhow, I’m currently busy with JKR’s new book, which is full of Vernon and Petunia Dursleys, and as such is immensely entertaining (though as a satire and a work NOT FOR CHILDREN, it totally cancels out the magical aspect present in the Potter books). I hope the rest of the book is as good as the exposition (I’m 40 pages in or so).

    It seems to me her footrest were the despicable inhabitants of Pagford and not her daughter after all.

  5. Do you know why there are two books in Blimpo

  6. Dear The Supreme Master Of The Heck Series,
    Hello, it’s me again. I had an idea for a story this morning, and I was wondering if you could give me your general opinion.
    I was listening to a podcast featuring The Wizard of Oz, and I had an idea for a sort of sequel. It would be extremely dark, and definitely a teen book. What do you think? Dorothy’s parents are worried about what’s going on with her, after she comes out of her coma. She goes to a psychiatrist, and, little by little, she reveals her ‘hallucinations.’ I haven’t decided what happens yet, but I have some ideas that may be controversial. (Hint: Topic of debate in the election) Should I write it? And, if so, do you think it would be worth it if I entered it into a contest at my local library? I’m going to write the story, even if it is not worth it, but I just want to know. This weekend, if I have time, I may try to form a general outline and write out various portions. Have a great day!
    Zarion Kreena

    • Zarion,
      I LOVE the concept! So much so that I wonder if it has been done in some way before? To the best of my limited knowledge, it hasn’t. Most Oz sequels are about Dorothy’s further adventures, not her being considered a lunatic and trying to get on with her “normal” life. I think it would make an excellent story, simply putting yourself in Dorothy’s place. What if this had “happened” to you? How would your parents deal with it? Would they put you on meds? Would you be in intensive therapy? A special school? How would your friends deal with you? Would you feel a massive disconnect with your life? Would you wonder if it really happened either? Would you torture yourself with endless hypothetical questions? I say go for it! And while I usually don’t care for first-person books (too easy!), I think a Dorothy’s Blog-type approach would be perfect. I’d love to read it someday!

  7. Her parents would send her to the psychiatrist. The revealing would be done through ‘transcripts’ of voice recordings. I don’t think Dorothy has any friends, but I’ll find out as I write the outline. Meds? Hmm….I just thought of a scene. Really happened? Torture? Special school? Have you been reading my mind? I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate those into the story, and I have an idea. Part of the story is first person (voice recordings), one IMPORTANT part is from her parents, some parts could be from Ozma (Oz’s princess), but the rest could be first/third person points of view from her.(Sorry) It just depends on what would flow as I write it. Thank you for saying you would read it. My English teacher said that she would help me proofread it. Do you want to read the final copy? I might be done, in approximately a school year or two. Just a warning: This is DEFINITELY a teen book. No swearing, (maybe the a-word if the characterization deems it appropriate), but…how can I say this without ruining the plot? Potential self-cutting. THANK YOU for your opinion. As soon as I have free time, I will write the outline.
    1. Outline (basic)
    2. Characterization
    3. Outline (comprehensive)
    4. Write written rough draft.
    5. Show to teacher; get proofreading ideas
    6. Second rough draft (Written?) Proofread?
    7. Type. (If time, make front and back cover for fun.) Show to friends. Post on Facebook and blog. (Miscellaneous Soup)
    8. Give you a link to my story, on my blog. (If you want it. I’ll ask you, when it’s time.)
    Thanks for your thoughts! Have an excellent evening!

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