Monthly Archives: October 2012

A Terrifying Interview…

…if you have an intense fear of the word “um.” Man, I can’t believe I say “um” so freakin’ much. If I had a nickel for every time I said “um,” I’d, well, that involves math so let’s just move on. I recently did an interview with Tripp Sommer for Eugene, Oregon’s KLCC radio to promote my appearance at Eugene’s Barnes & Noble for the Young Writers’ Association of Lane County’s Scary Writing Contest and SCARE-A-THON! The organization had 270 submissions and 15 scary writing place winners. To help the organization, visit and buy a book before 11/01/12 and enter Bookfair ID 10869972 at checkout.  In the meantime, count the “um”s of my radio interview!

Scariest Heck Passage?

Hello Hecklers. I am doing a Halloween readin gin Eugene, Oregon and wanted to know if any of you had a “scariest” passage from one of the Heck books (besides the always frightening, pants-soiling “About the Author” descriptions).