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Fan-Tastic Video!

 Happy Heckidays! Here is a wonderful video from Heckler Lucy G. Lucy wrote: “Here’s a Heck animation I made. Getting the 7th book later today! Thanks again Heck Wherethebadkidsgo for writing the books and the songs for the books!” Check it out!


Wise Acres: The Seventh Circle of Heck is an Amazon Best Book of the Month!


…available December 24th!

Great Dane Reviews

Photo on 2-15-13 at 1.49 PMThe Danish translation of Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go is Hulen: Hvor de Slemme Børn Ender (The Cave: Where the Bad Kids End Up) has been getting some interesting reviews: especially when pseudo-translated by Google: “It is a successful and very funny book about school and behavior, and what it means for children and young people in puberty, here in an intelligent satire” and “It is not for the faint of heart – nor sensitive eyes and ears, this book is packed with so many unsavory words and outrageous descriptions that one can wonder that it does not weigh more.”