Check out these gorgeous portraits of Milton and Marlo from Nancy Ho AKA AniXancy!


12 responses to “FAN ART FRIDAY!!

  1. Dear King Of Comedic Devilishness,
    I recently found your newest book and re-checked out the second most recent book. I have other books to read first, but after I’m done with them, I will finally work on the delayed Precocia review. Just for fun, I’ll also review Wiseacres. Have an excellent day!
    Zach K.
    P.S. I just thought of this and I might as well say it. There is a wehsite called TV Tropes that analyzes all forms of media. There is an entry for Heck, which can be found here. It has not been updated for the newest book, but I will try to fix that. Just be warned: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. That would be an interesting thing to put in a series. Hmmm…I should do that. Bye!

    • Dear Prince Zach: Heir Apparent of Apparent Truancy,
      I’m glad you’re catching up with the latest circles of Heck! I hope you like them and convince all of your wealthy friends to buy many, many copies—many more than anyone truly needs—so that I may buy that sterling silver spoon I’ve had my eye on (I am a cyclops). I happened upon that TV Tropes site many moons ago and was surprised to see a Heck entry! And so detailed…that would be great to update it so it was, well, up to date!
      Thanks Zach and may you never develop toe nail fungus unless, of course, you want to. Totally up to you.

      • Dear Creative Nicknamer Of The Comments Section,
        Don’t worry, I’m not a truant. We had a task assigned that involved the Internet and I finished it, leaving me with some free time. I just recommended your series to someone. Also, if you’re a cyclops, then watch out for Nobody. He’s a trickster! You’ve discovered TV Tropes and it hasn’t ruined your life? Astonishing! I will preferably never develop toe nail fungus. Most likely I won’t, unless I accidentally dripped that magic potion on my foot a week ago. Curse those wizards who camp out under my bed!
        Zach “Pie Day Friday” Krishef

  2. Dear Magnificently Radical, Brilliantly Awesome Super Youngadultwriter Extraordinaire (MR,BASYE),
    Hi, it’s Syrika (or Sarah – depends on my mood)! Zach has finished Wiseacres, so I’m going to get to read it soon. This is the first year that I’m not going to read the previous books beforehand – one, because Zach only checked out the last two, and two, because Precocia honestly scares me a little. He called it, and I quote, “an act of literary genius” and “a celebration of the English language”…which I think means it has a lot of puns in it. YAY!
    And there’s fanart now! I would draw some, but I don’t trust my art skills to not obliterate your mental view of the characters…ahaha…

    • Sarikah,
      That is, hands down…oh wait, I need my hands to type…okay, here I go again: that is, by far, the best acronym I have ever received. I am grateful, even though the Y is a bit of a train wreck (or should I say, abitofatrainwreck). Wow, Zach needs to just slow the heck down. It takes me months to write those books and a day for him to read one. I feel like I just made some fancy here-comes-truffle souffle, and he scarfed it down in nothing flat! And his quotes about Precocia, while way too kind, would be great to post on Goodreads or Amazon! Go to it, Zach! I could use all the press I can get in this day of crowded YA noise. While I think you’ll “get” Wise Acres without having read Precocia, they are rather dependent on one another—all my books are—so that would definitely be preferred. But far be it for me to dictate (unless you are typing this while I am talking). And I welcome any and all Fan Art! Pick some random detail. Even Bob Dob couldn’t really capture the main characters (his drawings were great but, as you wrote, they kind of obscured the mental view due to their specificity).
      So what is up with you and your brother? Is he younger or older? Are you, in fact, the same person? Are you homeschooled? Part of a cult? A series of conversations generated by Spam Bots?
      Dynamic Acronym Learning Engine

      • Dear D.A.L.E. (Related to Hal?)
        Actually, I read Wise Acres, an Alex Rider book, part of the next Alex Rider book, and some notes for school in the same day. I would have read more, but I had some work to do. I will also think that it is a good idea for Sarah to make her fan art. She is a much better artist than me. I am Sarah’s older brother by three years. I am a junior at high school, while she is in eighth grade. Next year, we will finally be at the same school for the first time since my eighth grade year. We are not the same person, but that would explain a lot. A cult? Not unless you count the cult of loving to read books, which everyone should be a member of. I’m not sure what spam bots are, but some may have commented on my blog. (“Do you want cash for making blog posts? Sign up here!”)
        Zachary Krishef

      • Dear Mr. Krishef (gesundheit),
        H.A.L.’s second C.O.U.S.I.N., twice R.E.M.O.V.E.D., actually. Thanks for clarifying that it actually took you LESS time than I accused you of for reading W.I.S.E.A.C.R.E.S.! And I’d love it if you could pressure Sarah into producing fan art, as nothing is more enjoyable for me as seeing art made under pressure! Will it be weird to have your sister in the same school? I’m an only child so I never had to deal with such sibling matters, but my M.O.M. did substitute teach at my middle school for a few years, and that was incredibly weird. Sometimes I feel like much of my life is devoted to separating the various aspects of my life, and when they come crashing together it sends me into a fetal position, which is awful when I’m driving. I do think that you and S.A.R.A.H. should consider becoming the same person as a tax-dodge. But that’s just M.E. And a S.P.A.M. B.O.T., to be clear, is simply the most delicious bot you will ever eat.

      • Dear H.A.L.’s Second Cousin, Twice Removed,
        Can a robot be removed? In any case, it won’t be weird to see my sister at my school. We can wave to each other in the hallways, because the freshman-senior schedules most likely will not correspond with a shared class. Unless, of course, she ends up being in the same Concert Band class as me. Also, I will apply more pressure for her to write fan art than water does to erode rock over a period of time! (I do not know where I was going with that comparison.) Falling into a fetal position while driving? I hope that no one gets hurt. Have an excellent day!,
        Zachary Krishef
        P.S. I am currently writing the second review. Do you want me to put a link to the two reviews in a new comment when I am done?

  3. Dear Mr. Basye (wow, am I glad I just have to spell and not pronounce it…)
    Zach doesn’t give himself enough credit; he reads REALLY FAST. His New Year’s Resolution for a while was to read a thousand-page book in one day, and he finally achieved it with Gone with the Wind! I know the Y is abitrushed, but really, who needs Ys? Not Srika! (It was that or Yodeler Extraordinaire, anyways.)
    Well, Zach already answered most of the questions because he got to the computer first, so….yep! He’s three years older. We currently are at different not-at-homeschools, and….uh…that’s it. We’re not the same person (Yes we are – No I’m not!) although I’m not really sure where the proof is…(in the pudding, of course.)
    Good luck on your quest for YA fame! Heck seriously deserves a spot waaay higher in the Council of G.A.N.D.O.L.F. (Greatly Appreciative Nuts Devoted to Overly Large Fandoms). I mean, has J.K. Rowling ever put in such awesome wordplay? Nope! Did her description of the afterlife…or whatever happened to Harry…amuse and engage the readers? Not really! I think the main problem with today’s young people is that when asked for a book to recommend, they usually go for a ‘safe’ title like “____ _____ and the _____ of ____,” not something vibrant and colorful. So a lot of people feel embarrassed recommending a book called “Heck: Where The Bad Kids Go” because the title is out of the norm. Well, phooey!
    Don’t worry, I remember enough of Precocia so I’m not coming blindly in Wiseacres. Also, Zach is making SURE to pressure me to draw something. But even if I did, I don’t know how to send it in. Snail mail, maybe…?
    S.A.R.A.H. (Sad Acronym Reeks of Aardvark Halitosis)
    P.S. What does a S.P.A.M.B.O.T. taste like?

    • It’s SUPER easy to pronounce my name, though many tongues have been injured in the process. It’s like BAY and SEE. It’s that dyslexic SY thing that throws people. Which is probably a good thing. Only the worthy may cross the moat into my name!
      Mmmmm…proof pudding. Just like my mom would tell me to make. Yum!
      You are the Super Queen of Unrelenting Acronymic Terrificness! (S.Q.U.A.T.)! So you apparently DO know squat! Though I know that I still haven’t accomplished what I could in terms of writing (that truly great novel is in me, some where, probably festering as we speak), but I appreciate your kind words regarding Heck. I do agree that it seems much of the YA bestseller’s list is devoted to “So-and-so and the so of so-and-so” type of stuff. Or girls coming of age in some dystopian backdrop that represents the internal dystopian front-drops all teens go through blah-blah-blah. Heck is sort of that, in a way, but in a DIFFERENT way, I hope!
      I will post whatever drawing you like! You can either scan it and email or I will give you my mailing address when you’re ready!
      Does aardvark halitosis have that sort of rotten ant smell? That sharp odor you get when you step on an ant? Hmmm…
      And S.P.A.M.B.O.T.s taste like Shoulder of Pork and Metallic Beef Over-roasted Terribly.
      Thanks, Sarah! Always a pleasure!

  4. Dear…uh…R.O.O.P.S.A.T. (Running Out Of Puns, Sorry About That)
    Yes! I’m proud to know that I’m worthy. I have no idea how many people can pronounce Syrika right, or Akirys – another one of my alteregos (kind of.)
    It took me about twenty minutes to come up with that G.A.N.D.O.L.F. thing, actually. I don’t have your natural talent and/or years of practice. But I apparently know squat, now. That’s such an improvement to knowing S.T.U.F.F (Slim Tidbits of Uselessly Fluffed Facts)!
    Can’t wait to see whatever is in the festering recesses of your mind come out on print – it’s gonna be good! I’m glad other people have noticed the patterns of dystopian society books that have been EVERYWHERE lately. I mean, you could replace Katniss with Tris, and Tris with Cassia, and Cassia with Tally, and no one could tell the difference…
    Lucky fanart drawing, begin! (How the heck do you draw a ferret?)
    I didn’t even know ants had a smell when you stepped on them. A bit disturbing…disregard my acronym.
    S.P.A.M.B.O.T sounds delicious! Extremely unkosher, but who cares!
    P.S. Zach says he just realized that Heck WTBKG’S humor is a lot like in Gravity Falls – only more twisted. (If you’ve never heard of it, that’s a great compliment.)

    • Syrikakirys,
      You are an Insanely Deft and Elegant Acronymicist! (I.D.E.A.) And my advice for drawing a ferret would be with some type of meat. That should not only draw any ferrets nearby, but possibly flies and/or maggots. What is Gravity Falls? I suppose I could simply Google “Gravity Falls” so never mind! I assume it is indeed an Awesomely Colossal Compliment of Outrageous Adulatory Depth and Eminence (A.C.C.O.L.A.D.E.)!

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