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Sadia: The Eighth Circle of Heck!

Sadia_CoverAt long last, the next chapter in the mildly diverting Circles of Heck series is finally here! Yes, Sadia: The Eighth Circle of Heck is now ready for ocular consumption. Buy it NOW, HERE!

Here’s the “sin-opsis” (see what I did there?):

After the War of the Words competition forever alters the afterlife, siblings Milton and Marlo Fauster are separated and whisked away to the deepest bowels of the underworld. Guilt-ridden, Milton agrees to work for Principal Bubb in hopes that he can locate his sister and somehow free her. But his nefarious mission—to “character assassinate” the reigning vice principal of Sadia: Where the Really Mean Kids Go—runs afoul when he learns the true identity of this mysterious individual. Meanwhile, Marlo wakes up to teenage paradise that may or may not be what it seems.

There’s also a mutiny brewing in Heaven while the underworld is turned into a tourist destination for the living. Can Milton follow through with his mission: navigating a nest of history’s cruelest tyrants in the process? Can Marlo hold on to her identity amidst a nuclear self-esteem assault? Will they discover the secret history of Sadia before it is potentially used as a weapon against none other than the Big Guy Upstairs?