Killer Review of Sadia: The Eighth Circle of Heck

cover2“A work of great imagination, featuring wonderful characters, an exciting setting, and a plot woven to a thrilling finish.”

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8 responses to “Killer Review of Sadia: The Eighth Circle of Heck

  1. Just finished Sadia and am anxious for the final book so I can see how Milton and Marlo (and Lucky) fare. Any info on the last installment?

    • Hi Cc!
      I am so sorry that my books (or lack thereof) bring about anxiety. In the case of post-Sadia, pre-Dupli-City anxiety, I suggest the following:

      1) Sit still in a dimly lit room
      2) Close your eyes (this is assuming that the dimly lit room you are in is safe, otherwise closing your eyes could put you at risk)
      3) Breathe deeply.
      4) Think about your happy place
      5) Be sure that your happy place is not a freeway and that you are not currently sitting in your happy place (a freeway)
      7) There is currently no Step 7
      8) After calming down, get all of your friends to buy 10 copies (each) of my Circles of Heck books
      9) Have each of these friends convince THEIR friends to buy 10 copies (each) of my Circles of Heck books
      10) I will, at some point, sell enough books that I will be BEGGED by a BIG BOOK PUBLISHER to WRITE THE VERY LAST CIRCLE OF HECK BOOK! (sorry…my all-caps got stuck because I was eating jelly with my bare hands)

      So…yeah, if enough people buy my books then there will be enough interest for me to take the time required to write Dupli-City: The Ninth (and Final) Circle of Heck!

      Thanks again for your note!

  2. Oh yes, you know how much us Californians love freeways. That’s why we build so many and spend so much time on them. We just can’t get enough.

    So you probably don’t want to know that I bought all but book 8 used…. I’m a teacher in Silicon Valley. (Btw, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a few of my current darlings sentenced to Heck. The boss would have a heck of a time figuring out which circle to send them to, though.)

    I shared book 1 with a coworker who is reading it with her daughter. They’re working through it slowly but enjoying it. They might eventually make it to book 2.

    • Whoops…I had my sarcasm filter on, so I couldn’t make out the first paragraph…ah, there we go…yes, freeways…such an ironically named invention.

      And, sure, while it would probably help pay off that summer home in Nice if you had bought shiny new Heck books, I get it. At least you bought some, am I right!? And thanks so much for the “missionary” work of spread the good/bad word with your co-workers! One fragile mind at a time…

      Take care and you really shouldn’t post blog replies while driving, even if you ARE stuck in traffic.

      Take care,

  3. Hi there. Do you have any plans on making your 4-8 circles of Heck into audiobooks? They are super fantastic to read on my commute to and from work.

    • Hi Krista! More Heck audiobooks? You and me both! Unfortunately, like so many things in our society, it’s all about the moolah. The green stuff. And money, too. Books 4-8 simply haven’t sold enough to make it worth it to the Powers That Be to provide audio versions. Maybe I should just read them aloud, but then people would have to listen to me reading aloud. In any case, thanks for your interest. And who knows? Heck springs eternal. Best, Dale

  4. Mu visual interpretation of Bubb is ‘goat’esque with an elegant figure. She’s always been my favorite character in the books because she acts mean but has a sort of nice demeanor that comes out when someone gets on her good side(or maybe her bad side)

    • Hi Ashlyn! Yes, definitely like a decomposing goat with ample access to food. I don’t know if she has a “nice” demeanor, exactly, but—as the series progresses—you at least can see why she is the way she is in many cases.

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