When Milton and Marlo Fauster die in a marshmallow bear explosion, they get sent straight to Heck, an otherworldly reform school. Milton can understand why his kleptomaniac sister is here, but Milton is—or was—a model citizen. Has a mistake been made? Not according to Bea “Elsa” Bubb, the Principal of Darkness. She doesn’t make mistakes. She personally sees to it that Heck—whether it be home-ec class with Lizzie Borden, ethics with Richard Nixon, or gym with Blackbeard the Pirate—is especially, well, heckish for the Fausters. Will Milton and Marlo find a way to escape? Or are they stuck here for all eternity, or until they turn 18, whichever comes first?


Welcome to Rapacia, where the greedy kids go.

When Milton escapes from Heck in a soul balloon made of old clothes, Marlo is the only Fauster child left to take the blame. Bea “Elsa” Bubb, the Principal of Darkness, sends her straight to Rapacia, the circle where greedy kids are tormented by glimpses of a just-out-of-reach, glittering shopper’s paradise called Mallvana. Marlo soon falls under the sway of Rapacia’s assistant principal, a grinning metal rabbit known as the Grabbit that seems to have plans of its own.

Meanwhile, back on the Surface, Milton has his own problems. He is determined to get in touch with Marlo and help her find a way out of Heck. But it’s hard to concentrate when his body and soul don’t seem to hold together the way they used to. Will Milton ever reach Marlo? And if he does, will they both end up as pawns in the Grabbit’s mysterious game?

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  1. This book is so good. I loved the cover — I think I know these kids, I’ve seen them in my house! I loved the chapter titles, the constant pepper of smart earthy everything! When Annubis’s hands went in for Milton’s soul — wow, I was stunned! And how about the miniature Ms. Mallon — how creepy and cool was that? “The tension of identity…” OK, the remark about Raffi hit pretty close to home but I understand. Yeah, middle world. This is the book world I read and blog for and about. Thank you Dale for this memorable work. “It’s metaphysical education, ya polyp…”

  2. I’m so glad you liked it! My high school English teacher always said “write what you know.” Well, I don’t know an awful lot so I, instead, write what I don’t know, which gives me infinitely more material. And the cover is indeed wonderful. Bob Dob is a genius. And his cover for the next book, IMHO, looks even better!

  3. I thought that your book was great and I realy liked the charators and the things they did.I think that you should try and make it into a movie kind of like the ones that Tim Burton makes because I think it would be a realy good movie. So keep up the good work. Can’t waite till your next book comes out in july.

  4. This book is great! I have no problem saying it is the funniest book I have ever read! I love all the puns, you are extremely Punny! I am a Portland-area teacher and have lent my copy to several of my kids who all love it.

  5. I love that book..Im so happy the new ones comeing out on my b-day 😀 its funny cool..and its about heck!
    I like gothic stuff…So XD its a mix

  6. The new book is comeing out on my b-day 🙂
    Nice book i love it…Its just cool cause it has heck..and gothic stuff

  7. They shoud make a movie but actors not a cartoon or anything and not one of those weird ones..like..a cool 2 hours or so movie.

  8. Can you make fourms on your site?
    so we can talk about the book?
    ect 🙂 if you want

  9. Im sorry im posting alot i just love the book

  10. marlen manson is thare isent he?

  11. We’d love to review this book, how do I get in contact with you?

    bbb.reviewcoordinator at gmail dot com.

    Thanks so much!

  12. Is there a way to contact Mr. Basye about reviews that have been written about his books?

  13. Yo Dale, I cant wait till Blimpo comes out!

    PS. Dales my friend 😀

  14. Hazelle Lerum

    I am a huge fan of your books and I would, well, die if they became a movie! Just don’t let them ruin it, because you have written the best book of the year in my opinion! As an author-in-training (codeword for pencil-crazed 6th grader), you are a very inspirational author. Keep on writing; I’ve read all your books and pre-ordered Blimpo!

    • Dear Hazelle (I am assuming this is your name…and what a great one it is. Sometimes I get stuck trying to think of character names…hmmm),
      Thanks for your gushing praise. You are obviously brilliant. But please don’t die if my books become a movie, because then you wouldn’t be able to see them, unless you died from drinking the Bladder Buster 4000 oz. cup of Sprite at the movie theater. In the event that Heck becomes a movie, I will do my best to not let them ruin it. To be honest, I think it has the potential to be as least-as-good as a movie. I wrote the first book initially as a screenplay before deciding to make it a novel, so I was thinking about how everything would play out visually from the start. So you are an author, huh? I kind of got that from your note (beyond the fact that you told me…I mean, you write like an adult). I’m glad I inspire you! What a responsibility! If you ever have any questions about writing, don’t hesitate to ask. I don’t have all the answers, but I have some experience.
      Thanks for pre-ordering Blimpo too!

      • Hazelle Lerum

        Thanks Dale! My name is really Hazelle, and I would be honored to be one of the characters of your books. I’m counting down to the day Blimpo arrives at my house!

  15. Hazelle Lerum

    Hey, I was just wondering if you were going to a have a book signing anytime soon. I live in Tualatin, so I could get all my friends to come :).
    A HUGE FAN, Hazelle

  16. Hazelle Lerum

    Sorry about the triple post, but I thought you might find it interesting that I sent a letter to your publisher, Random House. I asked them to have you write all nine books because if the series stopped at six, I would become utterly depressed.

    • Thanks Hazelle! Never apologize for a triple post! And THANKS for the letter!! That would be amazing! Maybe I could get my books classified as anti-depressants and have doctors prescribe them. There would probably be far fewer side-effects than most medications! THANKS AGAIN!!

  17. Hazelle Lerum

    You’re welcome! It struck me as in issue that Milton and Marlo would simply freeze; left to the horrible state of Limbo a little over halfway into the series.

  18. Hazelle Lerum

    Not to be a pest, but would there be any sort of scenario when Fibble would come out early?

    • Well, the back of Blimpo says May 2011. I’m correcting the finished manuscript now, the cover is basically done, now Bob Dob is working on the little inside illustrations. Next it gets laid out, and an advanced readers copy will probably be sent out around the holidays to bookstores and maybe reviewers. So, with all of that, I doubt it will come out any earlier!

  19. Hazelle Lerum

    Oh thanks! I was afraid that I would have to wait a year beacause when I read series, I often refuse to read any other books in the time between them. Phew! Also, (if this information is free to be given out) will Fibble be longer than Blimpo? I’ve seen a sort of pattern that may become frequent where the books become longer as the series goes on.

    • I wanted Blimpo to be big, physically, so I wrote it as such. Big. I made it a point to not have Fibble be as long as Blimpo because, like you, I’ve noticed that “series creep” where books become longer and longer. It’s hard to keep them short, though, once you get going into a series. You keep introducing more characters and situations so it’s often a challenge to keep them streamlined.

  20. Hazelle Lerum

    Oh, wait. Any chance I could get an advanced readers copy? Just a thought…

    • Hmm…not sure about that. The advanced copy isn’t “proofed” yet and often has mistakes and I wouldn’t get it until next year anyway. Plus I’m not sure if I’d get in trouble or not! One thing you could do, and I could try to find some names, is review the book. There are lots of sites that publish teen book reviews (flamingnet.com, kidsread.com, etc.) and I believe they get advanced copies. I’ll investigate.

  21. Hazelle Lerum

    Ah. Well, I guess that I’d prefer the refined copy, and so I’ll have to slug it out and wait. Thanks for the websites though!

  22. Hazelle Lerum

    Hmm… no reply from Random house even though I sent them an Email too. I can only hope that I’ll get some results!

  23. im sorry to post this randomly here, but i dont know how else to contact you

    i found your very first book out of an ad for mad magazine i think, i knew i had to get it, not very many chances in life when you see a book named heck with little demon creatures holding sporks. i forgot about that book for about a year. i found it last month read the whole thing in one day then bought rapacia and read that very quickly. the book was so exciting that i had to finish it, i was like ok next chapter i will put it down. five chapters later, ok next chapter i will. im about to get blimpo *squeals with excitment* anyways, i really hope that one day you make a movie or somebody will make one.

    i like how you dont want really popular characters that would ruin the whole vibe. choosing characters would be really difficult, for milton you wouldnt choose some guy who doesnt even look one bit nerdy, but they still need to be somewhat cute, and about marlo has to fit the part as well as look the part, but you already knew that. my friend actually looks as what i would think marlo would look like. minus the blue hair. i think a movie would be great, a sell out for sure, depending on who produced/directed it. i draw and animate kinda im definently going to draw some fan art for one of my favorite books!!! and maybe make an AMV

    get somebody to make a movie ok? it would be awesome!!!

    thanks for reading, if anybody reads this at all >.<

    • Hello, um…omfgsparkles and/or ferretal (sounds like a prescription medication for ferrets),
      Thanks so much for your note! I’m so happy that you like my books. So far it seems that many Heck fans (I have to think of a more clever name than that…demonites? kinderscare bears? hmmm…) think Blimpo is the best so far. I’m not sure how I feel about that, though Blimpo is definitely the biggest book I’ve written! As far as Heck-related movies go, there is indeed something happening on that front, in the very, very preliminary stages, but I hope to have more news about that in the beginning of the year. If everything goes well, it’s going to be amazing. Some really cool people are involved.
      Choosing characters is difficult. It’s actually so difficult that it’s kind of easy. I mean, if I think about it too much, it’s almost impossible, so I’m learning not to think about it as much and have the characters just speak for themselves. It’s cool: in any other profession, harboring multiple personalities would probably get you locked up in a hospital, but for writing, it’s absolutely essential. That’s funny that you have a friend that looks like Marlo. She should go as Marlo for halloween! I could post Heck Halloween costumes on my site! I’d love to see some of your fan art. It would be awesome to post that as well!
      Take care,

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  25. bugs bunny michael jordan von space jams

    my teacher is making our class do a book report about an author. It’s more of an Author report. Anyway I need 10 facts about your life. I have “he was born in”. That’s it. The stinkin’ report id do in a stinkin’ two weeks and I’m freakin’ out dude please tell me what I can do. From BBMJVSJ.

  26. Oh this is such a wonderful series,, I cannot stop thinking about these books, they are exciting and such a wonderful read that takes you away… I am 48 years old and wow I am a fan of this author , I will keep these books ( all of them , all of them ) and re-read again,,,,
    These novels are a wonderful kind of getaway when you need it,, cannot put them down or stop wondering,,, what is Milton up to,,, where is Marlo… oh here I go,,, gotta grab my book,,,, fricken wonderful I say wonderful….

    • After reading this post, all I can say is…Mom? Did you change your email address? Seriously, thank you “M” (and great job keeping James Bond in line…unless you’re Mel Brooks, then great job keeping Ann Bancroft in line). Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoy the books! I’m just starting the seventh (!) Heck book now. I feel with each one that I’m getting a stronger grip on the characters and the (under) world of Heck! I had a moment yesterday where I was driving and had a thought and found myself thinking, “Wow, that is SO Marlo!” It was one of the first times that I realized that Milton and Marlo rattle around in my head even when I’m not writing! Well, thanks again for reading!

  27. omg i love these books so much my friends are worried about my health!(well,they were,until they read them.now we’re all crazy.) Your writing is the best i’ve seen and really brightens my tedious school days.Some times I laugh in the middle of science and my teacher glares at me.(geez, Bea “elsa Bubb, much?)Anyway keep writing Mr.Dale!I cant wait for Precocia!

    • Thanks Madison! I love hearing this stuff! It makes it all worth while, knowing I can make your school daze somewhat less tedious. I’m working on the seventh one now. Can you believe it??!! Precocia comes out in February, and this one—me thinks—comes out in November. Just in time for Thanksgiving gift giving season, which my bank account really wishes was a “thing,” but—sadly—the only think my family gives each other at Thanksgiving is guilt.

  28. Also now im really glad my mom made me watch all those old shows from the sixties and up, so I actually get all those jokes and puns.Thanks for Jesus Christ Superstar, mother, and I Love Lucy.

    • Yay for your mom! I hope that the books are still entertaining despite my moldy, oldie references. But, yes, Jesus Christ Superstore and I Love Lucifer…yep, I suppose those only work if you get the reference, or have a cool mother, or both.

      • Oh, and I guess I should add…Madison, if you like the books, please review them on Amazon or Goodreads or some such, if you don’t mind. Those reviews really help us struggling authors!

  29. Sure!I’m happy to help out. Thanks for getting back to me!

  30. No problemo.Plus im sure I can use my powers of persuasion to get Dad to buy me Precocia in November.(Using Mom’s credit card to buy Snivel by mistake was SO NOT a good idea).See ya, Mr.Dale!

    • That is hilarious! We seem cut from the same twisted cloth. Precocia will come out in February, 2013 BTW. Plenty of time to manipulate your father! And I’m sure your mom, years from now, will look back upon your pilfering with grudging amusement. Credit where credit cards are due. See ya, Madison!

  31. Ooh I just finished Snivel!Wow is all I can manage.I cant wait to see whats brewing Downstairs and up!I also love watching Milton and Marlo change as the books go by.This is one of the only serises that hasnt had a “serise hole” were a book is really sucky for the majorety of it.So awesome!

    • I’m glad you liked it, though I still have a few to write before I’m done with the series. Hopefully I’ll avoid that treacherous “series hole”! Having Milton and Marlo grow in depth and complexity as the series goes forward is my favorite aspect of writing these books. But man: writing a series is hard! Much harder than I anticipated. I think my next series will be a trilogy or something: if that!

  32. You can count on me reading that one as well!I would probably read it no matter what it’s about: You never fail to drag me in!But dont stop writing when Heck sadly comes to a close, even though writing is tough.(I should know,every time I try to write, my ideas sound so awesome in my head…but then not so much on paper.Oh well!) Besides, Heck is so origonal!As far as I know, no one’s ever writen a book on something like this before.Trust me, this way makes it a much more enjoyable read, because I cant guess the end. So I know your next book/serise will be as awesome as this one!

    • Thanks, Madison! I should print out your note and tape it to my desk when I get discouraged! And even though I’ve been doing this for a while, I still have the same issue as you: something sounds awesome in my head, then I struggle to get it nearly as awesome on paper! You have to just keep trying. I guess that’s one thing that helps push me through a series. When I’m done with one book, I like it, but it’s not quite what was in my head so I try again with the next book…and the next…and the next…

  33. Also I’m aware writing one book is hard; but you’re writing nine of them!From a twelve-year-olds point of view(or from anyones, for that matter)that is super cool!Or super lame, depending on if you’re more Milton or Marlo at heart.

    • When I read series, sometimes I can tell that at least one of the books is a sort of filler. It may be really good, but the plot points it provides probably could have been absorbed by one of the other books in the series. I’m trying to avoid that with Heck!

  34. That is true, and lots of authors forget!It’s so easy to get carried away.However I am confident this will not be the case with Heck; you seem to know what you’re doing.And if you dont… the chances for an awesome story are even better!

  35. Ps.Also I tried to review on Amazon,but appariently you have to buy the book from the company in order to review it, and I already have Heck on my Nook. But I was able to set up an account with goodreads and epicreads, so mission acomplished!:)

  36. You’re quite welcome! It was no trouble.Except I keep forgeting my password, but whatever.I also reviewed a lot of other great novels that word hasnt gotten around about yet, but I think will be really popular when it does. You’d be surprised how many awesome books are out there waiting to be found!Just like Heck, which my mom found for me in theYA section of the library.It looked cool(but I have to admit, when I looked at the author’s name the first thing I thought was:Bayse?What kind of name is that?No offence, of course!Sometimes I have very unpolite thoughts, so please excuse me.), so I took it home and read it in a day!Yet agian, thanks Mom!

  37. You’re quite welcome; it was no trouble!I also reviewed several other great books that are not yet well known(though I think will be when word gets out.)I actualy discovered Heck at the library(or more accuratly, my mom did.)It looked cool, (though i’ll have to admit, when I looked down at the author’s name the first thing I thought was: Bayse? What kind of name is that?No offence intended of course, please excuse my unpolite thinking) so I went home and read the whole thing in a day!
    PS.I read on here that you gave a presentation at a school or somthing.All I can say is Not Fair!Then agian, I supose it is a long flight from Oregon to Texas… so never mind.

    • Basye is indeed an odd name. It’s pronounced “Bay See.” I think it’s French and means “he of low stature” or something like that. Yes, I give presentations at schools all of the time. It’s a blast! Since I’m not a huge author or anything, I have to keep them close to home, which is Oregon. Someday, though, it would be great to do a tour! I was born in Dallas, though we moved when I was 2 so it didn’t really “take.” I’d visit my grandparents who lived in Lubbock a lot. I always loved how nice everybody was! I’d love to visit Austin someday. Sounds like a dry, hot Portland Oregon!

  38. Well, if you do ever visit the Lone Star State, please stop by Houston!( by the way, please tell the folks in Oregon that I dont ride a horse to school and my favorite drink isnt ginger ale or cactus juice):)Oh yeah, Texas is hot, but it actualy rains a lot here, and Houston is super green! In fact, there’s not any desert except in the pan handle.Yippi ki yay, Mr.Dale!
    “He who is of low stature”.You’re even funnier in real life!

  39. Thanks for the heads up.I always thought it was Base- eye for some reason!

  40. Tottaly.Hey I have a few questions: If you were to go to Heck, what circle do you think you would go to?And what if Heck were to become a movie?How would you feel about that? My ten year old brother wanted to know that.As far as my opinion goes, I would recommend Tim Burton as a director.(or I would, ifhe didnt personaly freak me out)

    • I’d go to the circle of Heck reserved for middle-aged men, meaning, I probably wouldn’t be sent to Heck, but maybe farther down UNLESS there’s a circle where I’d be surrounded by six year-olds while watching one of my favorite movies, with the kids constantly asking me questions like “who’s that?” and “what’s going to happen?” where I would spend eternity screaming “THAT’S WHAT FILMS DO: TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENS. JUST TRUST THE FILMMAKERS TO HAVE THE STORY UNFOLD. OR SHOULD I JUST STOP IT AND TELL YOU ALL HOW IT ENDS!!??” I hate that. Anyway, speaking of films, Heck has been “optioned” by MGM. It had a director but he left because he wanted to make a darker film than the studio wanted, so they hired a new director who is a big Broadway director but hasn’t done films yet. Right now the script is being rewritten. Hopefully it will happen! MGM said the new director was the New Tim Burton, so my fingers are crossed.

  41. Oh, sometimes I do that questioning thing myself.(my mom loaths that)Sometimes I just repeat to myself,”Its just a show and I really should relax.”:)Omg I cant believe Heck may be a movie!To be honest , I probably wouldnt see it because I’d be scared.WOULD THE ACTORS BE GOOD?What about the elements and characters I visualized in my head?Would they be that way on screen?(probably not.My imagiation’s coocoo for cocopuffs)What if someone really screws up and the movie is inaccurate or just plain sucks?(Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, anyone?) Plus, some books are better as just that: books.Is Heck one of those?
    Well, I have had loads of faith in this operation, so I’m still gonna root and hope for the best!Well, gotta go, my mom keeps trying to read this WHICH IS CREEPY AND WEIRD, MOM!

    • Can’t stand it! But I probably did that questioning thing when I was younger, so I’m sure it’s an ironic sort of torment. Regarding the movie, I saw the very first version of the script, and it had very little—if anything—to do with the first book. They basically took the concept and characters and did their own thing. While it was rather traumatic to read, I DO understand that it needs to be different. The first book was more like the first chapter to a really long story. It wasn’t really meant to be a self-contained statement, so they had to make it more of a “movie” with a middle and end. It has since gone through a rewrite (Chris Weitz, who directed The Golden Compass, Twilight, About a Boy) that I haven’t read, but I gave pages and pages of feedback to the first script because the producer wanted it to be more like the book. So we’ll see. It needs another rewrite and then something might actually happen with it. At least the experience made me realize that, not only do I actively not want it to be like the book, I but I want the movies and books to be really separate so that both can be appreciated for what they are, and not compared to one another. We’ll see…One thing I’m excited about is that the new director does musicals so there will be a couple of songs in it! I may even be as bold as to pitch a couple of my own. And don’t fault your mom for reading over your shoulder. That’s our job as parents! If we didn’t stare, we didn’t care!

  42. Hey, thats true!A movie is a movie is a movie, and a book is a book. Wow, part musical!! I must say, I didnt see that one coming! Wow. And yet again, soo origonal! Oh, but watch out for that Twilight-directed guy.Whoever picked Kirsten Stewart to play Bella was a total dummy.Ugh!But anyway, I’m glad you fixed the awful-sounding script.And do write a few of the songs!I want to see if I can tell which ones are your work.Dont let the script guys rewrite your story.Because if the movie is terrible, I will find out were the director lives and put Anti- freeze in his morning bowl of corn flakes.:)(Not really, in case any police men are reading this!)

    • I don’t think it’s going to be a musical, more like a regular movie with a couple of songs. But that could change…most everything else seems to have! I saw Kirsten Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsmen, which I didn’t like, but she wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting. She was actually decent in the biopic of the Runaways. She played a young Joan Jett (I would think it would be a few years before you could see that…it is very “R”). And you are hilarious! But please, no anti-freeze. But maybe you can break into his aunt’s house and turn the AC up to full blast, resulting in Auntie Freeze.

  43. Ha! Yeah, I didnt see snow white and the huntsman, because it had her in it, but my friend Reyna saw it and explained it to me. It sounded pretty dumb to me.(no offence, Kirsten.But lets face it.Did a zombie give you acting lessons?)My parents would never in a million years let me see an R movie. They wont even let me have a phone!So anyway, keep working that movie Mr. Dale!

  44. Also, if there is any news about the movie, be sure to post it!I cant wait untill things start to happen.Bye now!

  45. I hadn’t read a good book in a long time, so when I read Heck after borrowing from my friend Lucy, I was so happy. This is my all time favorite book and your website is also so cool! Thank you so much for getting me back into reading again! BTW, i’m getting the second book soon.MY favorite character is either Lucky (I found it really interesting how you shared his thoughts too) and Virgil. They are both awesome! Alice

    • Hey Alice!
      Lucy G, by any chance? Well, I am blown away by your kind words. Thank you so much! Even we moldy old authors need appreciation and support now and again (re: ALL THE TIME! We are so, so needy!). I’m super psyched you love the book and hope you will enjoy the rest of the series at least as much! I know that, with every book I write, I feel like they get a bit better. It is really fun to write from Lucky’s point of view! I don’t do it a lot, but I do it a few times in the rest of the books. Right now I’m writing the eighth! Also, Virgil does return in future installments, though not all of them.
      Thanks again and have a happy holiday!

  46. Thanks so much for responding! Yes the person who let me borrow her book is Lucy G! I love animals, (I even have a pet rat) and I am a bit on the “plump” side, so I am so happy you include such great characters that relate to me! I tried the quiz on your website about which circle of Heck I would be in, and I am just like Marlo (and maybe Milton if he returns to Rapacia in the later books.) I don’t steal things though… I myself love to write and have made a fantasy story too. I’m sort-of stuck on how to continue the story though. 😦 I am going on a cruise for Christmas and am very happy to enjoy reading your book in my leisure time on the beach. (I don’t mean to brag… :P) Once again, thank you for writing such a wonderful book, and I am excited to start the next one!

    • Say hey to Lucy! I loved her “When You’re Marlo Fauster” video! I love animals too! I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was little, until I found out you’d have to give them shots and stuff. I’m glad that there are characters you can relate to in my books. More than anything I want readers to connect with at least some of the characters so they realize the gross injustice in having any kids having to be punished in the afterlife, especially considering how so much of the problems kids have is because of adult society! Anyway, I think we are all a bit like some of the characters. I know I am, or have been! That’s cool you love to write. I have to say, the single hardest part about writing is FINISHING. It can be fun when you have an idea and jot it down effortlessly but then everybody comes to that point where it becomes work. Most people just abandon the story, but writers actually force themselves to finish it. It was a long time before I finished writing a book, but when I did, it felt good!
      And “thanks so much” for rubbing my face in your Christmas cruise! So jealous! I have a cold and it’s raining here in Portland. Yuck! Anyway, I hope you have a great time!

      • Alice Rosenthal

        Thanks for the wonderful tips! I have a cold too… 😦 I bought all your books on my nook! :3
        I totally agree with you on how the adults in our society affect the children of the present, and i feel very strongly on that subject.
        I used to also want to be a veterinarian but i love animals to much to have to put them to sleep.
        Lucy never told me about that video. I’ll ask her to send me a link.
        Thanks for actually responding to me, you are the first celebrity to ever actually answer me! When i finish your second book I will tell you my thoughts on the book if you want!

  47. I was wondering if I could get your autograph. You really inspire me to continue reading and writing. Thank you once again! 😀

  48. I was wondering if you could come to my school and talk to our school about how writing changed your life and your love for it and if you could give me some good tips on how i could get to being a better writer and maybe publish some of my stories!!![My school is oceanlake elementary in lincoln city oregon]

    • Hi Jesse!
      I actually just did a few appearances in Lincoln City only a month ago! How did I miss you?! I also did a bunch of school appearances in Newport, Toledo and Siletz. I may be back next year, though (it went pretty well!). I could also do a “video” appearance through Skype if your school was up for it. Or I’m just happy to answer your questions via email at heck@wherethebadkidsgo.com
      Take care!

  49. Good evening Dale,

    I’m writing to inquire about the film/TV rights for HECK: WHERE THE BAD KIDS GO. Do you have a literary agent I could inquire with? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Jack Adams
    Office of Matthew Snyder
    Creative Artists Agency

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