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Heck al di fuori del Colosseo

Grazie a Eryn Lerum che, apparentemente studiare all’estero a Roma, ha trovato il tempo per scattare una foto di Heck: Se la Bad Kids Go, al di fuori del famoso Colosseo! Grazie Eryn!


Heck is Real…No Seriously

I’d like to interrupt this blog to bring you a very special announcement from Kevin Sotomayor, Principal of Heck Middle School:

I’m actually the Principal at Heck….. L. Thomas Heck Middle School to be exact!

The school, which will open for the 2009-2010 school year, was named after our recently retired superintendent, Dr. Heck. The school is located just outside of Phoenix, AZ in Litchfield Park Arizona.

We all were very excited and have had a lot of fun with the release of this book, and it’s premise. While the staff isn’t as ‘colorful’ as the one in the book, they do share the same desire to teach what they know.

Hopefully there will be more ‘happenings’ from Heck to share with my staff and students at Heck.

Kevin Sotomayor
Principal, Heck Middle School

How weird is that?

L. Thomas Heck Middle School will occupy 20 acres and house 750 students in sixth through eighth grades. Tom Heck, who was superintendent for almost two decades until he retired in 2007, said it is an “incredible honor” to have the school named after him. He said he has high hopes for the middle school.

“It’s the Litchfield way to include the community so that parents and kids feel like it’s theirs,” Heck said. Heck handpicked Kevin Sotomayor, principal at Palm Valley Elementary, to be the new school’s principal.

“It’s an exciting opportunity,” Sotomayor said. “We get to work from Day 1 to make this something special. We get to shape its identity and make it a community school.”

This is a far cry from the position of Bea “Elsa” Bubb, Heck’s Principal of Darkness, who views her dominion as a colossal burden, and would sooner suck rancid platypus eggs than make Heck anything remotely “community” based, unless that community was one comprised of venomous spiders and booby-trapped Parcheesi games. Here are some other differences:

Sotomayor said he wants parent and student involvement.

“My philosophy as an administrator is to have an open-door policy and take in everyone’s opinions,” he said.

Principal Bubb wants parent and student disembowelment.

“My philosophy as a badministrator is to have an open-door policy…there’s the door…now why don’t you run along before I sic Cerberus on you? I’d love to take in your opinion, but I don’t take in the deluded ramblings of lobotomized monkeys,” she said.

Sotomayor is energetic, has a great sense of humor and is dedicated to bringing high academic standards to Heck.

Bubb, on the other claw, is bitter, sarcastic, and dedicated to bringing high-caloric hamsters into her gaping, fang-rimmed maw.

Here is a picture of various Arizonans breaking ground for the new school.

Fortunately, I couldn’t upload a picture of Bea “Elsa” Bubb breaking wind in her terrible, terrible school.