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Heck Contest Winner: Timothy Spaw!


Remember that contest I posted a while back, asking Hecklers™ to post a video of them reading a chapter from one of my Circles of Heck books? Well…that didn’t work out so well. I got a few close calls (like Lucy Guzzardo’s awesome Heck video game!) but not a lot of actual Heck-related readings. I did, however, get a batch of CREEPTASTIC SONGS from Heckler™ Timothy Spaw from Syracuse, New Jersey! I’ve included them for all to enjoy this spooktacular season! Timothy is ten years old and loves music (apparently really disturbing music) and I thought, in honor of Halloween (AKA Satan’s Birthday), I would award him with the EXTRA SPECIAL PRIZE of a FULL-SET of SIGNED (or “Singed” if you’re dyslexic) HECK BOOKS! CONGRATULATIONS TIMOTHY AND SORRY I’M WRITING THIS IN ALL-CAPS! I’M NOT REALLY YELLING, IT’S JUST THAT I SPILLED FRESCA ON THE KEYBOARD!


Tunes from Heck!

Longtime Heckler Jordan Knapp is a young musician from Georgia without what you would call “formal” training yet has an undeniable talent for composition…a Danny Elfboy, perhaps. Here is his latest composition, or “decomposition” actually since it’s for Heck, called “Enter Bea ‘Elsa’ Bubb.” Be sure to check it out!

Radio Heck

I had the great pleasure of sitting across from Dmae Roberts—Peabody award-winning independent radio artist/producer—to fill up her weekly half-hour Stage & Studio show on Portland community radio station KBOO (it scares me to even type those call-letters). Dmae (pronounced Dee-May) asked a number of thoughtful questions and allowed me to read and—gasp—sing a few songs. Give it a listen!SNS61411-DaleEBayseAlso, be sure to check out the Stage and Studio website for more information!

Blimpo Music

In the upcoming Blimpo: The Third Circle of Heck, Milton traverses a bleak place called The Wastelands. Here is what that place sounds like.

The Wastelands

Heck in Denver

Hmmm…to stay in my cozy hotel room or brave the rain and cold to give a book reading?

Even More Music

Here is another self-penned Heck track called Meeting with Bea “Elsa” Bubb, about just that. It’s your typical evil ska Klezmer psychedelic stomp track, so popular with “the kids” these days. Recorded live in my living room!


More Music

OK, I guess when I mentioned posting music in the weeks to come, I really meant in the minutes to come. Like, now. So here is another song that I like to call Damian’s Song (No No No). It’s a bad song about a bad kid whose life turned out badly. It’s also a bad song by a bad guitarist whose solo turned out badly. Maybe I mean bad in the way that used to mean good (but I probably don’t).