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Blimpo: The Third Circle of Heck Available for Pre-Order

Just visit Amazon today and reserve your copy (though it is always a great idea to patronize your local independent bookstore)!


Powell’s – City of Books!

Powell’s is a bookstore located in Portland, Oregon, often referred to as a
City of Books. While I don’t think it formally qualifies as its own outright
megalopolis (I doubt if people actually live there, or that it has its own
system of government – maybe it’s like the Vatican, a city-within-a-city), it
certainly is the most impressive independent bookstore in all of creation.

Recently, the Good People of Powell’s sent me a bunch of questions to
answer, asking me to pick seven. Well, I couldn’t decide and ended up
answering all of them, thinking they would only use a few. Lo and behold,
they kept every blessed one – for better and for worse. Yikes! I fear I
revealed too much, and am half-expecting a team of doctors to visit my home
in the dead of night, with my paper smock and cup of lime Jell-O. Read it
for yourself! 

Powells Kids Q and A